About us 帮助中心

Ebiomall is an eCommerce platform for connecting biotech scientists in China mainland and qualified suppliers of research reagent and instrument from worldwide. We are a leading resource for innovative technologies and up-to-date products information for life science scientists. Ebiomall has established its own US, Europe and Australia warehouse and the professional custom clearance and CIQ team. We are thriving to build the fastest, cheapest and easiest bridge between scientists in China and the worldwide life science suppliers.


One-stop Shopping ePlatform  Cooperatingwith 1000+ Suppliers and covering 200+ Product category (include molecular biology, cell biology, proteomics, immunology, detection, analysis, biochemistry, scientific research instruments and diagnostic raw materials etc.). A simple click on the website, scientists could see the orders being shipped from all over the world to the lab in a fast, reliable and traceable way.


Experienced Logistic Team  An experienced team of professionals specialized in logistics and customs declaration will guarantee the products’ safety and storage condition.


ProfessionalMarketing team Products provided on Ebiomall are introduced to scientists both online and offline. Four Marketing Centers located in Beijing, Shanghai, andGuangzhou. We are one of the best options to Improve brand and product visibility in China market.


Location: Bay Area, CA; SuZhou, China; Sydney, Australia